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Oscar Leung Signs New Brand Endorsement Deal with Play88, a Fast-Growing Online Sportsbook Platform in Malaysia & Singapore

Sportsbook has always been a crucial core product that connects Play88 Online Casino with the rest of the Sports fans out there, especially with the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 event. With that being said, we are pleased to welcome a former TVB personality who happens to be a huge soccer fan himself, Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) into Play88’s family. 

Those who are already passionate fans of Leung, this endeavor will put a smile on many of their faces as Oscar is one of the biggest stars in the Hong Kong entertainment industry who has yet to be attached to any online casino brands. As for Oscar himself, the exclusive partnership with Play88 could not come at a more opportune moment as he begins his post-TVB career in China. Other than acting, Leung also runs a luxury car dealership with Raymond Lam’s wife, Carina Zhang in Shenzhen, as well as a few F&B outlets.  

A Little Tidbit About Oscar Leung

While the always-youthful looking Leung may not look a day over 30, the 43-year-old has a career in the entertainment industry spanning more than two decades under his belt.

Leung began his journey on the film scene at only 19 years old in 1999, when he debuted as the lead character in the crime film, The Young Ones. With this massive start to his career, he expected to follow a similar path with big movie stars such as Andy Lau (劉德華) and Aaron Kwok (郭富城). However, this was not the case as he barely received recognition until he made the transition to television when he acted in TVB’s Shine On You series. Even then, he became typecasted into similar roles before he eventually got his big break in 2012 for his role in L’Escargot. In the same year, Leung raised his stock further by landing a role in Tiger Cubs and he eventually won awards for the Most Improved Male Artiste and the Best Male Newcomer in Malaysia at the 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards.

A few films and TV series later, Leung finally departed TVB and began his new career in China.  

How Did Oscar Leung Discover Play88?

Speaking to the press over a recent virtual interview, Leung was asked about the deal and what this deal meant for his new career moving forwards.

The actor said: “You know, I actually did not purposely look for or was approached by P88.”

“I happened to stumble on an online casino ad while I was browsing social media one day and it featured a former acquaintance of mine at TVB,” he continued with a laugh. 

“It was an interesting concept for an ad that happened to pique my interest as it was all about sports and sports betting. So I started to do some research on this particular online casino and found out that they had these brand ambassador roles with some familiar faces attached to them,” Leung paused with a slight smirk.

He added, “I don’t normally approach brands personally for these kinds of roles as I typically leave them to my manager to handle. But for Play88, I said (to him) that I wanted to see if there was an opportunity to work with them.”

“What attracted me to P88 was not only the wide variety of games available but also the vibe of the platform,” he explained. “It gave me a sense of luxury and high culture when I looked at Play88 for the first time.”

“That was when I decided I wanted to work with this brand,” Leung concluded.

A spokesperson from Play88 also chimed in on the momentous occasion.

“We are delighted to be able to work out a deal with Mr Leung at this time who will present our brand and core values to the wider world for the next three years.”

She continued, “we hope that you will stay tuned for more information about our future collaborations and campaigns with Mr Leung.”

When asked about details regarding the contract, the spokesperson simply said: “While we cannot divulge many details about our deal with Mr Leung, all we can say is that we have set a company record for the highest-paid ambassador at Play88.” 

Play88 Sportsbook is For The Sports Fans

At a glance, Oscar Leung can be described as a fit individual and it is this active lifestyle that has led him to enjoy not only taking part in sports but also watching a few sporting events on an almost daily basis.

“I would describe myself as a sports-loving guy,” he chuckled. “So when I saw that P88 had a sportsbook section, I thought I’d try to see if my sporting knowledge was good enough to earn some extra money.”

“Of course, I didn’t win much. In fact, I lost almost my entire bankroll in the first few hours of sports betting!” he lamented. “Though, I believe the only reason this happened was that I was not prepared enough.”

Leung clarified, “I did not make use of any of the rebates or even claimed the Welcome Bonus that new players are entitled to but that was my own failure as a player who did not do enough research beforehand.”

“Now that I am an ambassador of Play88, I feel that I am qualified to give advice to our newer members,” Leung continued jokingly. “Remember to always take advantage of any bonuses that are available. If I’m not mistaken, the current Play88 Welcome Bonus will give MYR 2,000 once you complete the requirements. So you should look into creating a new Play88 account first.”

“Otherwise, if you like sports betting then I suggest that you use the Sports MYR 400 Daily Reload Bonus as you only need to transfer a minimum of MYR 100 into the applicable provider’s wallet to be eligible for this bonus,” Leung beamed. “You should also always check the fine print before you try to use any of the bonuses. For example, you’ll need to complete X6 rollovers for this particular bonus before you are able to claim it.” 

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